Monday, September 11, 2006

The Beginning - Hunger Revealed

No one would have guessed it. Certainly not anyone who knew her well. Her husband didn't have a clue. But it was there all along. Even Monica didn't know how fully the hunger existed within her. It took the right combination of events to expose it, and the right combination of people to let it flower.

In the beginning, not even Master Wade knew. In fact, he wasn't even aware that he was inclined to enjoy dominance and submission. To him the terms were vague and mis-understood. But he learned as well.

They met over the telephone lines on their computers. And the very first time they spoke they both knew they would never be the same again. It all happened that quickly. It was exactly like the meeting of eyes that takes place between two people, except in this instance it was the meeting of lines of type.

As the relationship developed it became obvious that they were special people to each other. The longer they talked the more obvious it became. As their fun turned to shared fantasies and the shared fantasies turned to deep passion and need it was clear how deep the need and the ability to meet that need ran. It became an over-powering passion that eclipsed everything else in their lives.

There were other reasons, of course, besides the passion that they shared with each other which drew them together. They had both made bad choices in partners in the past, and resolving those issues was also a priority. But it had to be done. It would have had to have been done regardless, even if they had never met.

They learned something about their mutual desire for the inclusion of dominance and submission in their relationship while communicating via computer, but it was on the phone that it really came alive for them. It wasn't easy for them to talk on the phone. For a long time she continued to remain in her previous marriage, and would call him at night, late, after her husband had fallen asleep on the couch.

They would talk for hours and she would whisper the "yes" answers that he made her give to the dirty questions he asked her, and she would come and come and come. There were times when she would stay home from work in order to talk to him, and they would spend nearly the whole day on the phone...much of it with him weaving fantasies for her while they both masturbated.

Finally the hard decisions that had to be made were made, and they were able to be together for good. They continued to live apart for some time, neither wanting to make another mistake. But after her move from New York to his small town in Virginia, they were never apart for long. And when they were it was only in body, never in spirit.

Their first sex together was nothing at all like the sex they had shared over the year and a half before they finally met. The beauty of finally being together and the love that they had come to feel for each other guided that time together. It was tender and uncomplicated, warm and special, the kind of love-making that one reads about in romance novels and wonders about really existing. It does.

Monica had known for many months that she would be enrolled in something he called the Wife-Slut Course once she gave herself to him. And it wasn't long before her instruction began in earnest. He had explained the course as a life-long course of study in which she would learn to know herself completely. She would learn that there were many, many things which excited her sexually.

She would learn that there were many, many things which she wanted and needed to fantasize about and do which she had never allowed herself the freedom to even think about in the past. She would learn that he would give her the freedom that she had been unable to give herself, and that he would train her mentally and physically to be his slave-slut in every meaning of the words.

During the months that he had lived alone in anticipation of her coming to be with him, Master Wade had applied himself studiously to developing the MASTER within him. Some of his development came through reading about the experiences of others. Some of it came from close observation of those who were either masters or slaves. Most of it came from examining himself honestly and openly and discovering that it was making Monica FLY like a butterfly sexually that excited him more than anything else in the world.

They both understood intellectually that the roles actually crossed when they were being MASTER and slave to each other. When he was dominating her, he was doing it to allow her the freedom to do those things which excited her most, bringing her to a zenith of sexual passion and fulfillment. When she was being submissive to him, she was in many ways using him, making him do things to her and with her that she wanted; having the power to make him because of the need that she knew he had to be dominant with her.

So, she threw herself into her course of study eagerly. No matter what he required of her, she did it. She read the books, looked at the pictures, watched the movies, learned the secret hand signals and voice codes, wore what he said to wear, masturbated when and how he told her to, fucked and sucked whenever and whomever he said. She had thought in the beginning that surely she would become accomplished at being his slave-slut rather quickly, and that the course would not last very long. But the more she submitted to him and the more involved she became in the course, the more she realized that it would continue until they chose for it to end. She hoped that day would never come.

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

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